5th SLUKA Album, "A San Diego Zoo"

Melodic Gothic Rock/Pop with adventures in rythmic acoustic electronic blends. The fifth SLUKA album "A San Diego Zoo" was released in 1999 on Sluka's Steel Flower Music Label (SFM2)
Musically, the album is a unique mix of acoustic instruments & synthesized sounds.
Lyrically, Sluka explores the dark side of happiness.

Andres Condon - Acoustic Nylon Guitar
Felipe Flandes - Electric Guitar
Jennifer Hart - Vocals
Claire Rottembourg - Recorder
Phil Hill - Electric Guitar
Rich Evans - Harmonica
Denis Sluka - Bass
Nico Looser - Drums
Chris Ianuzzi - Keyboards
Charlton Pettus - Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Valerie Kashimura - Vocals
Amelina France Sluka - Vocals
Christopher Sluka-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums.

All Songs written, recorded, & produced by Christopher Sluka 1999. Published by Steel Flower Music ASCAP

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