SLUKA Album, "Social Anxiety"

Syncopated Gothic Groove Rock with adventures in rythmic acoustic guitars, complex drums, and the spacey keyboard-like vocals of Jennifer Hart. This 6th SLUKA album "Social Anxiety" was released in 2001 on Sluka's Steel Flower Music Label (SFM3)
Musically, the album is a unique mix of acoustic instruments & synthesized sounds.
Lyrically, Sluka explores the erotic side of social pyschology.

Jennifer Hart - Vocals
Bill Ray - Drums
Ron Gomez - Bass
Christopher Sluka - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Violin, Drums, Percussion.

Guest Musicians:
Claire Rottembourg - Recorder
Amber McInnis - Vocals
Geoff Sheean - Violin, Acoustic Guitar
Steve Hubbel - Digiridoo
Sandrine France - Vibraslap, Chimes

All Songs written, recorded , & produced by Christopher Sluka 2001. Published by Steel Flower Music ASCAP

"Beautifully produced and musically sophisticated, this album once again showcases
Sluka's obvious talent for writing and performing intimate emotional songs of
the human condition." - Vision Magazine, October 2001

Vision Magazine Review


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