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Here are 28 MP3 samples of varying lengths of SLUKA songs compiled from all 6 albums.

Reign In Sound - 2.3MB From 6th Album

Higher - 1.7MB From 6th Album

Sunday's Child - 3.9MB From 1st Album

Valentine Lies - 4.6MB From 5th Album

Under The Rug - 963K From 2nd Album

Paralyzed - 1.9MB From 5th Album

Tempted Eyes - 963K From 6th Album

Fear Of Ordinary Life - 1.9MB From 2nd Album

A San Diego Zoo - 2.6MB From 5th Album

All In Time - 1.8MB From 6th Album

Any Scream Will Do - 1.7MB From 6th Album

Este Mi Amor - 1.2MB From 5th Album

Feeling Something - 1.8MB From 5th Album

I Can Be Cruel - 1.6MB From 5th Album

If Only Life Would Start - 1.7MB From 4th Album

I Need Her Mother - 1.2MB From 2nd Album

Lost In This World - 1.7MB From 3rd Album

That's The Way Things Are - 963K From 6th Album

Things That I Can't See - 963K From 6th Album

Thrown - 963K From 6th Album

Universal Dream - 963K From 4th Album

Weekends Now - 847K From 5th Album


: A San Diego Zoo

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