SLUKA Compilation Album, "Songs From The Set List"

Syncopated Gothic Groove Rock with adventures in rythmic acoustic guitars, complex drums, and the spacey keyboard-like vocals of Jennifer Hart. This SLUKA Compilation album "Songs From The Set List" was released in 2001 on Sluka's Steel Flower Music Label (SFM4) These were the songs, at the time, most often performed on tour. These tracks were remixed, remastered, and some were recorded entirely.

(Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Italy, Spain, England, Czech Rep., Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, South Africa, South America, Asia)


All Songs written, recorded, & produced by Christopher Sluka.
This Compilation 2001.
Published by Steel Flower Music ASCAP

Copyright 2001 by Steel Flower Music - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED