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"Through The Downside Up - A Sluka Story"

Released April 13, 2018 - A Documentary of Sluka preparing to tour the world!

"Colorful Radiation" Visual Album by Sluka
Available on Blu-ray at
Released November 3, 2017

"Number One"

The first video from the album "Colorful Radiation"
View on YouTube


From the album "Colorful Radiation"
Released September 26, 2017
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From the album "Colorful Radiation"
Released September 27, 2017
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"Introversions" Visual Album by Sluka
Available on Blu-ray & DVD at
Released November 3, 2016

In addition to high quality video & sound,
the Blu-ray & DVD contains many extras including
The Bonus track "All In Time"
Interviews with Christopher Sluka and the Director, Eric Bishop as well as
Behind the scenes, Making of, and Outtakes.

Below are private links to the 13 videos at lower resolution (360 vs 1080) via YouTube:

Please note that unlike the four videos released publicly earlier this year, the additional nine videos listed here are private.
Please do not share. The number of views will not accumulate and be periodically reset to zero.
They will not appear on internet search results. They are listed here for preview and promotional purposes only.

"Valentine Lies"

"A San Diego Zoo"

"Sunday's Child"


"Doctor Strangelove"

"Even The Knights Love Caesar"




"Fear of Ordinary Life"

"Sadder Than Sad"


"Gothic Cavalier"

"Introversions" Visual Album conceived by Christopher Sluka
Produced & Directed by Eric Bishop
"Valentine Lies," "Doctor Strangelove," and "Gothic Cavalier" Directed by Noah Henry

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