Javanican Coffee House

Founded in 1978, Javanican Coffee House was the first established coffee house in Pacific Beach, San Diego. It was purchased in 1994 by Christopher Sluka who renovated it to become a premier showcase for emerging musicians in the San Diego area.

Christopher Sluka arrived in San Diego in late 1993 after living and touring many years in Europe and Japan. He began performing weekly at the now defunct coffee house "The Inner Change" where the singer, Jewel was also just breaking out. Christopher was inspired by the interest San Diego audiences had in quality "live" music and gourmet coffee. He decided to purchase the then struggling Javanican Coffee House, which was only blocks from The Inner Change, and try to elevate the quality of music, art, and coffee even further. With the help of many friends and celebrities, such as Sean Lennon, David Bowie, and others, Javanican has become the ideal intimate showcase of inspired and talented musicians, artists, and baristas!

Sean Lennon Performing at Javanican in 1997

However it is most notable for the commitment to gourmet coffee excellence. In fact, the name "Javanican" derives from the idea of a Coffee nationality. In other words, similar to being American, French, or Italian... to be Javanican is to place an allegiance towards the pursuit of coffee perfection. Javanican is the only organic coffee house in San Diego and serves a variety of tasty, mostly vegetarian dishes.

On October 15, 2008 Javanican was purchased by Patrick Watson, long-time friend of Christopher Sluka.
Patrick, A.K.A. Max Slyder, played drums on the seventh Sluka Album, "Gothic Cavalier."
Javanican lost its' lease and closed for business March 2015 to make room for a redevelopment project.

Javanican Coffee House PB 4338 Cass Street, San Diego, CA 92109


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