1st SLUKA album

After the success of the first single "Sunday's Child" released in Japan on November 21, 1988. The first SLUKA album "Emotional Battlefield" was recorded in Tokyo February 1989 and first released in Japan on July 21, 1989 by Mitsubishi's label "Meldac." (MED-58) It includes a version of "Sunday's Child" with the addition of electric guitar.

Songs: Sunday's Child (C.Ianuzzi, C.Sluka), Slipping on Ice (C.Ianuzzi, C.Sluka), My Rope is Tied (D.Sluka, C.Sluka), The Message (C.Ianuzzi, C.Sluka), Candle in the Night (B.Borrelli, C.Sluka), Baking Bread (C.Ianuzzi, C.Sluka), Dr. Strangelove (D.Sluka, C.Sluka), Carry Me Away (C.Pettus, C.Sluka), Mother Confusion (C.Ianuzzi, C.Sluka), Flower of Steel (C.Ianuzzi, Nadine Arel, C.Sluka), Fly For Me (C.Pettus, C.Sluka), Everything is Mine (C.Sluka)

Musicians: Chris Ianuzzi-Keyboards, Nico Looser-Drums, Charlton Pettus-Guitar & Keyboards, Denis Sluka-Bass, Christopher Sluka-Guitar & Vocals

Produced by SLUKA

Published by: Shinko Music Pub. Co.,Ltd. JASRAC (Japan), Dentsu Music Pub. Co.,Ltd. JASRAC (Japan), Steel Flower Music ASCAP (USA)