2nd SLUKA album

The 2nd SLUKA album "Fear of Ordinary Life" was recorded at a studio at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan and released in Japan by Mitsubishi's Label "Meldac" on July 21, 1990 (MECR-30001). It was released in Europe by SAAR on October 6, 1991 (CD 77013) with a different cover shown below.


Under The Rug (C.Sluka), Frame Your Face (C.Ianuzzi, C.Pettus, D.Sluka, N.Looser,C.Sluka), Telepathy (C.Ianuzzi, C.Pettus, C.Sluka), Only Some Will Love (B.Borrelli, C.Sluka), I Need Her Mother (C.Sluka), Dancing on the 12:20 (D.Sluka, C.Sluka), Free Fall (C.Ianuzzi, C.Pettus, C.Sluka), Asian Eyes (B.Borrelli, C.Sluka), Deep Beauty Stings (N.Looser, C.Sluka), Valentine Lies (C.Ianuzzi, C.Pettus, C.Sluka), Fear Of Ordinary Life (C.Sluka), Just A Dream (C.Sluka), Soldier of Sincerity (C.Ianuzzi, C.Pettus, D.Sluka, N.Looser,C.Sluka)

Musicians: Chris Ianuzzi-Keyboards, Nico Looser-Drums, Charlton Pettus-Guitar & Keyboards, Denis Sluka-Bass Guitar, Christopher Sluka-Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Guest Musicians: Valerie Kashimura-Backing Vocals (Tracks 4,6,7,10), Wornell Jones-Backing Vocals (Tracks 4,6,7,10), Hidefumi Toki-Clarinet (Track 12)

Produced by SLUKA

Published in Japan by Mel Music JASRAC, Published in Europe by SAAR Edizioni Musicali SIAE, Published in USA by Steel Flower Music ASCAP