3rd SLUKA album

The 3rd SLUKA album was recorded in Milan, Italy and released by Time-Warner's CGD Wave label first in Italy on July 21, 1993. (155090001 2)

Songs: Lost in This World (C.Sluka), Este Mi Amor (C.Sluka, S.Pulga), To You (C.Sluka, S.Pulga, M.Bonsanto), Rise And Shine (C.Sluka, S.Pulga, M.Bonsanto), Missing You (C.Sluka, S.Pulga, M.Bonsanto), Sunday's Child - 1993 version (C.Sluka, C.Ianuzzi), Raging in Your Arms (C.Sluka, S.Pulga, M.Bonsanto), Carry The Question (C.Sluka), It's Your Life (C.Sluka, S.Pulga, M.Bonsanto), Angie (M.Jagger, K. Richards)

Musicians: Stefano Pulga-Keyboards,Guitars, Programming, Christopher Sluka-Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Produced by Matteo Bonsanto for Wave Records a Time Warner Company. Arranged by Stefano Pulga

Published by: Warner Chappell Music S.p.a, Abramo Allione S.r.l., Euroline Music S.a.s., Shinko Music Pub.Co.,Ltd ("Sunday's Child"), Ed.Musicali Mario Aromando S.r.l. ("Angie"), Steel Flower Music ASCAP (USA Rights)