4th SLUKA Album, "A Matter of Perception"

Melodic Gothic Rock/Pop with adventures in psychedelia. The fourth SLUKA album "A Matter of Perception" was recorded in San Diego and New York City and released in 1997 on his own label Steel Flower Music. (SFM1) "It features diverse styles of music with the distinctive voice and melodies so evident on all SLUKA albums. Be sure to listen to each song individually as well as appreciate the album as a whole... Cool!" - The Reader Jan. 8, 1998

Songs: Worlds Can Change, Universal Dream, If Only Life Would Start, Paralyzed, In The Words, I Was Never Wrong, What You Want To Believe, Human Faces, Delicate Truth, Happy In Your World, + Worlds Can Change-Remix Musicians: Ron Llear-Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Programming, Denis Sluka-Bass Guitar, Programming, Robin Henkel-Electric Guitar, Laural Davis-Backing Vocals (tracks 5,6,&7), Gina Fant-Backing Vocals (tracks 1 & 11), Jamie Kim-Violin (track 10), Rephael Harp-Harmonica (track 10), Christopher Sluka-Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Oil Paintings

Produced by Ron Llear and Denis Sluka. All Songs written by Christopher Sluka ©1997. Published by Steel Flower Music ASCAP